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Medicaid is a part of many Minnesotans Estate Plans as part of planning for long-term inpatient healthcare.

With the average cost of long-term health care in Minnesota being $7,361 per month (2016), those who don't plan for long-term health care can see the fruits an entire lifetime's work disappear in a very short time.

The Maki Law Firm’s effective Minnesota Estate Planning will help you create a well thought-out and effective Minnesota Estate Plan which will account for the possibility that long-term care may someday be needed.

Planning is key. Planning can be the difference between leaving your heirs nothing and leaving your heirs a legacy of assets and smart decision-making that will be remembered and appreciated for generations to come!

The need for long-term health care can happen to anyone! You can be healthy today, then suffer a stroke, fall on the ice, get into an accident, etc. So planning for the possibility of applying for Minnesota Medicaid isn't only for the very old, feeble or those already in poor health (in fact, these are probably the worse times to start your planning).

Check out this important information on Protecting Your Assets from Medicaid and the high cost of long-term healthcare:
Minnesota Medicaid Crisis Estate PlanningWhat is a Medicaid Crisis Plan?

A Medicaid Crisis Plan is usually the last line of defense to save at least some your assets from liquidation if you need long-term healthcare and failed to plan for how to pay for it.

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Minnesota Medicaid Information from the Maki Law Firm

Minnesota Medicaid