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An Estate Plan isn't only for after you pass away. There are many circumstances that could interfere with your ability to make important decisions - such as a stroke, fall, serious temporary illness, Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

These examples are serious conditions - but not necessarily fatal. However, they could interfere with your ability to make important decisions by cause you to be incapacitated or be determined incompetent - temporarily, or permanently.

A comprehensive Estate Plan will account for all scenarios - foreseen and unforeseen.

At a minimum, a comprehensive Minnesota Estate Plan should include not only a Will but also a Power of Attorney, Minnesota Health Care Directive and Final Instructions.

The Maki Law Firm’s effective Minnesota Estate Planning packages will help you create a well thought-out and effective Minnesota Estate Plan which will cover foreseen and unforeseen events so you can Leave a Legacy of asset protection and smart decision-making that will be remembered and appreciated for generations to come!

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