An Estate will need an Administrator if a Minnesota Resident – or a resident of another State who owned an interest in any Minnesota real estate – died Intestate.

Being Intestate (also known as Intestacy) refers to passing away without leaving a valid Will or Trust, but having assets and/or other property that needs to be transferred to someone else.

An Administrator will be appointed by the Probate Court to oversee the Intestate Estate. The Court-appointed Administrator will perform all of the same functions as an Estate Executor.

The difference between an Executor and an Administrator is that an Executor is chosen by the decedent, while an Administrator is chosen by the Probate Court.

If your friend, family member or loved one died Intestate and is either a Minnesota Resident, or only owns real estate in Minnesota, Contact Me and I will assist you with all Administrator duties. From getting appointed by the Probate Court, to Closing the Intestate Estate, and everything in-between. All while maintaining only the highest professional quality at the lowest possible prices in Minnesota.

Check out this article on my Administrator Services:

The Maki Law Firm Administrator, Executor and Trustee Services prices

My Billing method for Administrator, Executor & Trustee Services

Other law firms are likely to "double-bill" your estate for Administrator, Executor and/or Trustee services - but not the Maki Law Firm. Check out MY billing method.

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