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Affordable MN Estate Planning Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer Scott MakiGood Day, my name is Scott Maki. I am a Minnesota Estate Planning Attorney. I am also the owner and sole attorney for the Maki Law Firm.

Thank You for visiting my website to address your Minnesota Estate Planning and Minnesota Probate needs.

Having a Will is a good, and necessary, starting point for any Estate Plan. However, after reviewing the information found throughout this website, you will see you can do so much better!

For example, most people think Estate Planning is only for “rich people.” Or that Trusts are mainly used for creating spoiled “Trust Fund Kids.” I am here to tell you that simply is not true.

Rather, the powerful benefits of Revocable and/or Irrevocable Trusts provided by the Minnesota Trust Code are used by thousands of Minnesotans in all walks of life to protect their assets – and in turn their family and loved ones.

Once you empower yourself the valuable information you will find on this website, you will see that just about every Minnesotan can benefit from a Minnesota Estate Plan – especially you!

I am confident that once you see the powerful benefits a smartly thought-out Minnesota Estate Plan will provide – and the unmatchable affordability at which I will offer it – you will contact me to get started on YOUR Minnesota-specific Estate Plan straight away!

Mainly due to the Maki Law Firm’s business structure, I am able to offer a full range of Minnesota Estate Planning tools – including Wills, Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, Medicaid Asset Protection Services, and Trustee Services at unmatchable low prices.

The goal of the Maki Law Firm is to offer affordable Minnesota Estate Planning and their powerful benefits to everyone who wants it – regardless of their assets or income. No longer is Minnesota Estate Planning solely for “rich people.” Read on to find out how I do it.

Affordable Flat-Fee Minnesota-specific Estate Planning

I pride myself on providing Affordable Flat-fee Minnesota-specific Estate Planning, Trustee Services, Estate Administration Services, and Medicaid Asset Protection Services.

My target clientele are those who ordinarily would skip Estate Planning simply because they think it will be too expensive.

I often use the term “Minnesota-specific” to call attention to the fact that I am a Minnesota native, am only licensed in Minnesota and only represents clients who are either residents of Minnesota or own real estate within Minnesota.

Therefore, your Estate Plan will be specifically tailored to comply with Minnesota law, and all interaction with the Maki Law Firm will only be related to issues specific to Minnesota/Minnesotans.

You will likely find me among the most affordable Minnesota Estate Planning Attorneys in Minnesota. Able to assist you whether you’re in Roseau or Warroad, Grand Rapids or Bemidji, Duluth or Virginia, Moorehead or Fergus Falls, St. Cloud or Brainerd, Minneapolis or St. Paul, Rochester or Mankato, Marshal or Worthington, or anyplace in-between.

My low fees can mainly be attributed to the fact that I do not maintain a physical office, I do not employ a large staff and I only focus on Minnesota Estate Planning and related issues.

In other words, I simply don’t have the overhead that other lawyers and law firms have.

By not maintaining a physical office nor a large staff, the Maki Law Firm massively reduces overhead. This reduction in overhead greatly reduces the cost of my services – which I then pass onto my clients by way of unmatchable low fees!

Communicating with the Maki Law Firm

I’m sure you are now wondering, “If you don’t maintain a physical office, how are we going to communicate, exchange information and deliver documents?

The answer to that question is easier than you may think. As we are now in the 21st Century, the vast majority of our communication can be done via various electronic means. A much quicker, efficient and convenient method for many – and the future of many service-related businesses.

Though most of our communication will be by phone and email, you will have many opportunities to meet with me and talk face-to-face. However, rather than meeting in a bricks-and-mortar office, we will meet face-to-face via free video calling applications such as Skype or Facebook.

PLEASE NOTE that regardless of what communication type is used, you will always be speaking or corresponding with me – I won’t pawn you off on someone else.

For document delivery, the majority of documents will be exchanged via fax and email.

If you chose the option of having the final draft of your Estate Planning documents delivered to you via email, your Estate Planning package will be sent in the PDF format for easy printing.

PDF downloadable mn estate planning forms

If you chose the option of having me create a faux-leather-bound Estate Planning Portfolio for the final draft of your Estate Planning documents, your Estate Planning Portfolio will be Express mailed directly to you.

Please note that there are few – if any – documents you will need to provide to me. The vast majority of information needed to create your personalized Estate Plan can be provided through email, phone calls, fax, and/or video calls.

Please know that I am not merely some “online law firm.” I am a real person and this is a real Law Firm. I alone created and designed this website as well as wrote every piece of material located here. I alone will create every aspect of your Minnesota Estate Plan.

Furthermore, I want to emphasize that all of your communications will be only with me – Minnesota Estate Planning Attorney Scott A. Maki, Esq.

As stated above, you will also have many opportunities to speak with me on the phone as well as meet and talk to me face-to-face using live free video-call services if you prefer.

Contact mn estate planning attorney scott maki using free skype video callsEstate Planning is one of the few disciplines in the legal field where this approach can be used while still successfully maintaining only the highest standards and quality assurance.

Finally, your documents will be carefully and skillfully prepared using a premier software suite specifically created specifically for Estate Planning Attorneys.

This approach not only assures that your Minnesota-specific Estate Plan fully complies will all aspects of Minnesota law, but will also provide maximum protection for virtually every conceivable unforeseen event. The importance of this should not be underestimated!

For example, if you have a Minnesota Estate Plan prepared by a lawyer or law firm who doesn’t primarily practice in Minnesota Probate or Estate Planning and uses their own in-house boilerplate forms – or worse yet, you download some Estate Planning forms from the internet and try to do it yourself – you are asking for problems.

Many of these forms DO contain the basic language needed to comply with Minnesota law; however, that is where most stop. They very likely do not contain further language to comprehensively cover unforeseeable events beyond the basics – leaving you in a bad place should something unforeseen occur. And you likely won't know about mistakes until YEARS later - when it is possibly too late (or very expensive) to correct.

The Maki Law Firm's attorney, Scott Maki will ensure your Minnesota Estate Plan is done right - the first time.

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The Maki Law Firm is a Solo-Practice Firm

The Maki Law Firm is a Solo-Practice Firm. Meaning there is only one attorney – me, Minnesota Estate Planning Attorney Scott A. Maki.

I employ support staff only when/if needed. This approach greatly reduces my overhead – resulting in greatly reduced fees for my clients.

This approach leads to another great benefit for my clients: you will not be speaking or working with assistants or paralegals. All of your meetings and correspondence will be only with ME, Minnesota Estate Planning Attorney Scott A. Maki.

About Attorney Scott A. Maki

Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney and Estate Planning Lawyer Scott MakiI was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and raised on Minnesota’s Iron Range – where fishing, hunting, and outdoor-related activities are part of everyday life. My modest upbringing helps to provide insight into the issues that are most important to Minnesotans throughout the state.

Some of my noteworthy personal lifetime accomplishments include being a decorated Artillery Paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina; being a Certified Member of American Mensa; and being a kidney donor to my daughter, Marissa.

MN Estate Planning Attorney Scott Maki - Daughter Marissa

Attorney Scott Maki's Daughter - Marissa

I love Minnesota, but in 2015 I decided to take a break from the legal field and take on new challenges by relocating to Thailand to become an English Teacher to rural Thailand students.

I received a Thailand Teaching License and spent two(2) years teaching English to Thai students in a small-town rural Thailand high-school school – a small town where I still primarily reside today.

Attorney Scott Maki Teaching English in Thailand

Attorney Scott Maki Teaching English as a Second Language at a High School in rural Thailand

The experience of teaching English in Thailand was greatly rewarding. However, after two years of teaching, I decided it was time to return to the legal profession and now offers my services to you.

I do make regular return visits to Minnesota to visit friends, family, and clients – so please do not worry yourself about my principal residence being in Thailand. You can think of it like attorneys who are licensed in more than one state – they can’t be in all of the states all the time, but they still represent their clients in whatever state the client is located.

Therefore, regardless of my location, my Minnesota Attorney License is still valid and effective for all of my Minnesota clients – and I am still accountable to the Minnesota Bar and Courts.

By now you should have a better understanding of why most of your contact with me will be through methods other than expensive bricks-and-mortar office meetings. It’s 2019 after all – the world is getting smaller!

MN Estate Planning Attorney Scott Maki is a Certified Member of American Mensa

Attorney Scott A. Maki’s Education

After being honorably discharged from military service, I used my military enlistment G.I. Bill benefit to further my education.

My educational accomplishments include:

  • Associate in Arts – Criminal Justice
    • Northland Community and Technical College – Thief River Falls, MN
    • Graduated with Highest Honors (4.0 GPA)
  • Bachelors of Science – Natural Resources Management
    • University of Minnesota, Crookston
    • Dean’s List every semester
  • Juris Doctor – Law
    • University of North Dakota School of Law – Grand Forks, North Dakota
    • Spent time participating in activities such as volunteering in the Law School’s Legal Aid Clinic.

What the Maki Law Firm offers:

My focus in exclusively on Minnesota Estate Planning. I offer a full range of Estate Planning Services including Probate, Trustee, Executor, Administrator, Estate Management and Medicaid Asset Protection Services.

My most popular Minnesota Estate Planning Tools include:

  1. Wills (Last Will & Testament)
  2. Revocable Trusts (Living Trusts, Pet Trusts and NFA Firearms Trusts),
  3. Irrevocable Trusts (Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts and Special Needs Trusts)
  4. Trustee Services (on a case-by-case basis)
  5. Medicaid Emergency Crisis Plans
  6. Estate Plan supporting documents such as Power of Attorney, MN Health Care Directive, HIPAA Auths and Final Instructions
  7. Document Review (analysis of your current Estate Plan and provide a written report on my findings).

PLEASE NOTE this is NOT an exhaustive list.

If you need Minnesota Estate Planning or Probate services not shown above, Contact Me so we can discuss your situation.

What the Maki Law Firm does NOT offer:

At this time, I typically do not offer services in any area of law that is not closely-related to Minnesota Estate Planning.

However, if you do need services in other areas of law (e.g. Criminal Law, Bankruptcy, Family Law, Personal Injury, etc.), I would be happy to assist you with finding an attorney who can assist you.

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This website was created and is solely maintained by:

Scott A. Maki, Esq.

Founder & Lead Attorney – Maki Law Firm

Licensed in Minnesota since 2008

Minnesota State Bar Association Member

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