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The Maki Law Firm prides itself in providing high-quality affordable Last Will & Testament, Revocable 'Living' Trust, Irrevocable Trust (Medicaid Asset Protection and Special Needs), and overall Estate Planning Services throughout Minnesota – wherever your location and whatever your situation.

Do-It-Yourself (with Help) Estate Planning

I call my service "Do-It-Yourself (with Help)" Estate Planning because if you choose me to assist you in creating your Estate Plan, you will be involved in it's implementation.

Other attorneys will often do everything for you, leaving you with a packet of documents and you thinking, "It must be good, because it sure cost a lot!"

Not so at the Maki Law Firm. You will be assigned relatively simple tasks related to each of your documents. This will get you more involved in your Estate Plan - giving you confidence in knowing what your estate plan does (and what it doesn't do) as well as better sense of control over your estate.

My services are not for everyone. If you cannot, or simply do not want to, be involved in the creation and execution of your Estate Plan, then there are plenty of other attorneys who can help you.

However, I understand that this is the 'digital age'. Not everyone needs to walk into a bricks-and-motor attorney office to get help.

These days, phone calls, emails, and free video calls can achieve the same (or better) result while saving you (and your estate) time and money.

And all your dealings and communications will be with me - an actual attorney.

Intrigued? Read some of my articles. Check out my price list. If what I offer still interests you, just send me a message so we can get started on your personalized MN Estate Plan!

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